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CMC Indigenous Services held a pre-employment training session in Canberra last week.

This was a follow on session from a general one held in late August asking for people interested in employment with CMC in the Canberra area.

CMC’s Indigenous Engagement Manager Jasmine Groves said the pre-employment session was run for a select few interested in working for CMC Indigenous Services.

“Our pre-employment sessions are part of our engagement and employment strategy where we pre qualify candidates for work with CMC. Its an opportunity for them to get to know our business and vision and ask any questions but for us to get to know them,” Jasmine said.

“We give information on specific job opportunities, cleaning and safe work practices and also share the vision of CMC Indigenous Services.”

“We hope that these sessions will eventually become a link to engaging with Indigenous Communities in the areas that we work and an opportunity for us all to interact.”

For more information on the sessions contact:

Jasmine Groves

Indigenous Engagement Manager

0420 770 167

Image: Client Retention Manager Douglas Logan with Lynn from Habitat Personnel