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National Reconciliation Week was from 27 May till 3 June with the theme, “Be Brave. Make Change.” A challenge to all Australians to tackle unfinished business of reconciliation.
We hosted a special day during this week at the Sydney Region Aboriginal Corporation (SRAC), where we had the opportunity to bring various individuals, communities and organisations together to learn about our shared histories, cultures and achievements, and had the conversations about how we can contribute and be brave by making change, and working together to achieve reconciliation.
We enjoyed a wonderful cultural get-together experience including ‘Welcome to Country’ by Uncle Greg, followed by the beautiful sounds of the didgeridoo being played by our very own Joshua Toomey. We also had guest speakers Nathan Peckham from Yurana Creative who gave an inspirational story telling session on how he began his journey into creating his business and what reconciliation means to him and what we need to do, to understand each other in a different light. 

Our very own Managing Director, Michael O’Loughlin, gave his experiences of what reconciliation meant to him  growing up and just how things have slowly starting to change, but that there is still alot of work to be done on reconciliation across the board. 

The dynamic, efficent and friendly, Sydney Regional Aboriginal Corporation team provided a great blackfella feed of curried sausages, damper and fried scones, making the day a success and left everyone with a warm feeling. 

We thank everyone for being part of this day, and for making a difference. 

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