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ARA Indigenous Services has both the financial and personnel resources to carry out contracts ranging from small suburban offices to multi-million dollar national contracts.


We offer our customers the expertise, resources and capacity to:


  • Deliver a quality service on time, every time.
  • Understand our customers requirements.
  • Reduce environmental impacts in service delivery.
  • Provide an excellent communication process through our National Customer Service Centre and our Electronic Customer Relationship Management System (ECRM).
  • Provide a high level of automated real-time reporting on all aspects of the contract.
  • Strong site management and procedures.
  • Seamless transition into our customers’ business.
  • Peace of mind that all our management systems are third-party certified and audited regularly.



The Remote Indigenous Procurement Policy (RIPP) regions aims to maximise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment opportunities and the engagement of Indigenous businesses through the Australian Government procurement processes.