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Kirinari community refurbishment project

In January 2017, we embarked on our first major community project the Kirinari Aboriginal Youth Hostel Return to Foundations project.  In partnership with Aboriginal Hostels Limited, ARA Indigenous Services completed a large-scale refurbishment of the hostel.

The refurbishment included a purpose-built learning hub, a recreation room and the restoration of a basketball court and picnic area for the students at the hostel. ARA Indigenous Services Managing Director Michael O’Loughlin said the aim of the Return to Foundations project is to restore the hostel making it a place for advancement for the many Aboriginal students that access the hostel every year:

“We are so proud to be have worked with AHL to provide better facilities for the students. Our business has grown rapidly over the past 18 months and this project is a way for us to return our successes directly to the Indigenous community,” Michael said.

“We have worked hard to put this landmark project together and it will be the first of many community projects we have planned for the near future.”

“Our aim was to return the Kirinari Hostel back to the foundations of why it was created, a place for learning.”

The first stage of the Kirinari Hostel was opened in July 1967 and extensions followed over the years with the opening of the Bert Groves Wing in May 1971. The Kirinari Hostel provides accommodation that assists students to attend school and achieve their education goals, including their year 12 certificate.

Students have the opportunity to study in a safe, comfortable environment with access to study assistance and sporting facilities. The aim of the hostel is to improve the standard of education of Aboriginal children and the extension of opportunities to those in need.