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Through our fire services, we support multiple industries Australia wide. From our revolutionary FirePASS® system to our specially engineered water, foam and gaseous suppression systems, we are diligent in the pursuit of total fire safety.


The ARA FirePASS® cutting-edge technology reduces and maintains oxygen at non-combustible levels to prevent fire from occurring, eliminating damage and business interruption.


We deliver an extensive range of fire protection, from sprinkler, detection and EWIS systems, to portable systems and passive fire doors. Through comprehensive industry experience and expertise, our team of technicians provides unparalleled protection.


To minimise the risk of fire, we design and install specialised fire detection services in industrial, commercial and recreational sectors.


Through a vast network of dedicated technicians and agents, we provide service and maintenance to all of Australia. We deliver immediate support through our emergency hotline, connecting you to technicians ready to assist 24/7.


Capabilities: Inspection & Testing • Sprinkler Systems • Detection & EWIS • Passive & Fire Doors • Portable Systems • Special Hazards • Oxygen Reduction • Pipe Fabrication


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